Why Should I Use Washable Diapers on My Baby?

Why Should I Use Washable Diapers on My Baby?

Source: Lovely Baby

  1. Cheaper

How many disposable diapers your baby can wear in a day and you have to throw them away? In a week? In a month? How much money you have to spend to buy those diapers that you throw away at the end of the day? Using washable diapers will save you money. Once you have the diapers, you only need to wash them, not buy the new ones.


  1. More Eco-Friendly

This is a fact that disposable diapers need about 500 years to be decayed. And it is recorded that roughly 5 million tons of disposal diapers waste are added to landfills each year. Moreover, when you throw the diapers, do you usually clean the poop first? I bet no. The poop on the diapers you throw away will stay there for a long time instead of being flushed. Viruses and bacteria can contaminate it, then it will bring diseases to the surroundings.

While, by using washable diapers, you will not contribute by adding more tons of diapers waste to landfills. You will not be blamed of the diseases brought by the contaminated poop on the diapers.


  1. Safer for the Baby

Disposable diapers contain sodium polyacrylate (SAP), dioxins, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and tributyl-tin, which are dangerous chemicals. They can cause cancer and disrupt your baby’s hormones. Why should you harm your beloved sweetheart?

Conversely, washable diapers, which usually made of cloth, are safer. It is softer for your baby’s skin. As a mom, you just have to make sure that you change the diapers whenever needed.


  1. It’s a New Baby Fashion

Do you think using washable diapers feels like going back to decades ago? Well, instead, using washable diapers is so fashionable. There are lots of models of the washable diapers nowadays. They are also colorful. You can mix and match the diapers to your baby’s outfit of the day. Your baby can be a trendsetter with the washable diapers you put on.


Cleaning your baby’s washable diapers

Yes, it is gross to see the poop on the diapers. But, poop is always poop no matter what diapers you use. Cleaning up the poop and washing the diapers can be a challenging job at first, but you will get used to it. Do not give up! Here are some tips on how to clean the washable diapers:

  1. Clean the diapers immediately. Do not wait until the poop dry on the diapers.
  2. You can use the spray to rinse the poop of the diapers. Make sure you spray it directly to the toilet bowl, so it won’t mess up your toilet.
  3. If the poop dried up, spray the diapers and set aside for a while. After it loosen up, spray again to remove the poop.
  4. Machine wash the diapers. Remember not to wash them together with your other clothes. It is better not to take a risk when you miss some spots of poop when spraying it.